Current Projects

What we’re working on.

The PCGN Development Team's co-design process is up and running strong! Our two summer fellows, Meg and Leo, have been working alongside their communities in Dorchester and East Boston, respectively. Each group has completed their first community design session, where experiences around community's involvement in BPDA processes were shared. Simalaneously, our team has been working with Barry Reaves, the BPDA's Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on where to find the most impactful and appropriate mechanism for intervention in the agency's community engagement. After weeks of discussion and brainstorming, the Development Team has found common ground for collaboration in crafting the public engagement policy that Barry seeks to implement for the newly-created role of 'community engagement managers' that he will oversee.
The “Intersections” project at PCGN is developing civic technology and media interventions that can help connect civic actors in Boston and facilitate collaboration on projects. The intersections team includes members from nonprofit organizations, government, and academia. We are currently developing prototypes through co-design methodology with team members at PCGN and civic actors in the community. This summer, we conducted interviews with community leaders, field scans of existing platforms for collaboration, research on existing civic technologies, and ideas around how to address barriers that civic actors face in their work. As a team, we developed user personas, created prototypes, and discussed our experiences. Our next steps are inviting community stakeholders into the project at PCGN. We are hosting co-design workshops where civic actors in Boston can brainstorm ideas with us, discuss prototypes, and share their experiences. Our goal is to have a prototype by the first week of September to share with the community and ideally develop this fall.

This team is focused on  creating content and a communications plan for PCGN that emphasizes storytelling.
This team is focused on designing curriculum for a future “Institute” to prepare university students and community members for community-led codesign.

Past Projects

By the community, for the community.

Getting Connected
Equipping older Bostonians to participate civically during and post-pandemic. Find guides for Zoom and WebEx in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole here.

Mapping Care Networks
Finding all of the food resources that exist in Boston.

Democratizing Public Space
Creating mechanisims for communities to make collaborative decisions about vacant lots.